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Information for parents about the dangers of vaping:
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Triple P Parenting

When it comes to raising kids, everyone has an opinion. There are so many ideas out there. So how do you know what’s best and what works? The Government of Prince Edward Island and community partners are taking the guesswork out of parenting, supporting parents and caregivers with the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program at low or no cost to PEI parents and caregivers. Check out the Triple P Parenting website for more information. 

OT Services at Gulf Shore

OT Tip: Did you know that puzzles are one of the best activities for exercising your child's brain, eyes and finger movements. Puzzles can be done at home and are great for children of ALL ages! Building puzzles with your children can help with reading, printing and overall learning in school!

Remember... the best learning happens when using your hands, instead of using technology! 

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Provincial School Food Program

To order food from the PEI Provincial School program please click on this link: