Telescope Loaner Program

Gulf Shore Consolidated School students and staff are pleased to provide to the local community the opportunity to view some amazing celestial sights through a quality, easy-to-use telescope. Individuals can borrow the telescope for a week at a time and use it for an evening of fun and interesting family enjoyment. With this telescope, observing lunar craters and mountain ranges, or giant Jupiter and Saturn becomes a simple matter of locating these WOW objects in the sky. An instructional video, and User Guide, together with reference books, star maps and other resources, are available to help you on your astronomical journey.

Gulf Shore Telescope Borrowing Policy and User Agreement

Please call the main office at the school to reserve the telescope. 902-963-7810



Never point the telescope at or near the Sun

Other fun resources: 

Space Place: Explore Earth and Space

Make the Most of Your Universe

Interactive Sky Chart