Our Library

Our library is the heartbeat of our school. Nestled into the center of the building, it is always bustling with activity. In the past 6 years, our library has undergone a huge transformation that now allows our students to be more independent in finding their own books to read.

Being a K-9 school, we were needing to separate our collection into more appropriate reading interests and levels so that all students could independently find books suitable for them. This meant having shelves at the right heights and books that were easily seen.

Re-inventing our library was critical as we were going wireless and no longer needed large desktop computers, or a computer lab as we now had Chromebook carts that were moveable into classrooms.

Brightening up this space and adding vibrant colors were important to create an enticing area for both work and reading. Creating a new circulation desk area was important as we had to have all students able to access it.

Our library is now moving toward improving our collection. After weeding hundreds out that were both out of date and damaged, we are better able to see where the gaps are to match our readers’ interests.

We have also separated our non-fiction area into primary and upper grades’ sections. This has been amazing to now see our K-3 students finding books that are more suitable for their reading abilities and interests.

All of our fiction, in both the Tween and YAF areas, have also been "genrified" so students can quickly find books to suit their reading habits. As well, teachers are better able to see reading patterns in students and gently nudge them to different genres.

Next up on our “to-do list” is to separate our French language resources into different genres for both our elementary and intermediate language learners.

We will continue to weed this aging and well-loved collection, in the hopes of infusing our budget with some of Indigo’s Love of Reading grant money. Wish us luck, our readers deserve it!